2018 Chinese New Year Address

The celebration of the New Year allows us to bid farewell to the old and usher in the new. Dear friends, we are happy to greet the Chinese New Year of The Dog. The Chinese civilization goes back more than 5000 years and has had a great impact on various aspects of the development of humanities worldwide. The Chinese New Year or Spring Festival for example, is not only a very cheerful festival, but also an opportunity for the world to celebrate together and share this experience.

The Center is located in the “heart of Europe”. As the main cultural crossroad between China and Belgium, the Center is meant to give a face to the multifaceted aspects of the Chinese culture, and plays an active role in the China-Belgium and China-EU intercultural dialogues. The Center aims at establishing a platform for Belgian and European citizens to experience Chinese traditional culture while also giving them the opportunity to get closely involved in what is happening in contemporary China. The Center cherishes the mission of spreading Chinese culture and bringing the best of Chinese culture to the EU and Belgium. Besides promoting the Chinese culture, the Center also serves as a living room of sorts, where one can meet people from every corner of the world and engage in interpersonal and intercultural dialogue. In this New Year, my team and I will continuously strive to widen the Belgian and European people’s horizons towards the Chinese culture through a wide range of artistic and literary activities. We aim to opt for a more pragmatic approach to tell a warmer and more down-to-earth Chinese story, which we believe is closer to the people’s hearts. The Center is as a metaphorical bridge between Chinese and European humanities, resembling the essence of the Silk Road.

A new era, a new atmosphere, new realizations to accomplish… We are pleased about the official launch of 2018 EU -China Tourism Year and the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, and wholeheartedly hope for a successful China-Belgium and China-EU cultural exchange in 2018.

TAN Shu, Director of the China Cultural Center in Brussels


The China Cultural Center in Brussels is an official cultural institution set up by the Chinese government. It is a joint project operated by the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Shanghai. On September 16th 2015, Chinese Vice-Premier LIU Yandong and Belgian Deputy Prime Minister Didier REYNDERS jointly inaugurated the Center.

The Center is located in the “heart of Europe” – the very center of the Belgian capital city of Brussels. It enjoys a full exposure to local pedestrians, and is close to important institutions such as the headquarters of the European Commission, the European Parliament, the diplomatic corps and other media representations. It is based in a prestigious building dating back to 1861, previously served as the Training Centre of Dexia Bank, counting no less than 2 500 m² with 4 floors above ground and 3 undergrounds.

The Cultural Center is committed to carrying forward the Chinese culture while adhering to the principles of “quality, universality, friendship and cooperation”.

The main objectives of the Center are to create international opportunities that bring people together and to encourage exchanges in terms of politics, economy, society and ideas. To that end, the Center regularly organizes art exhibitions, performances, movie screenings, seminars, lectures, workshops, and Chinese language courses.

Since its inauguration in 2015, the Center has been actively integrated into the local environment and the surrounding European Quarter; this has helped with expanding the Center’s scope of publicity and created opportunities to spread the Chinese story.

We are looking forward to welcoming friends and guests from all across Europe at the China Cultural Center in Brussels for exchanging ideas, experiencing the refined traditional Chinese culture and understanding the vibrant modern China.