Collecting a snippet of sky-blue in spring

2020 Chinese New Year Message by the China Cultural Center in Brussels

It is quiet when spring trippingly arrives. The latest sunshine warms our faces. The air is filled with the unique taste of spring, bringing us together into a new year with all its beauty.

Another year is behind us. Looking back at 2019, the China Cultural Center in Brussels has stood by the concept of “style, refinement, integration and sharing”, presenting the tremendous accomplishments of culture and bringing you messages of joy.

Time passes us hurriedly by. In the Center’s flourishing cultural garden, we pluck sincere intentions from this colorful world and approach China together with you. As we grow to know and understand China more, we can better appreciate the good taste of Chinese culture.

In the new year, with a common love and aspiration for beauty, art and culture, we will sincerely show you a new world of Chinese culture. We will explore the magnificence of “a sense of idealism” and advance the China-Belgium and China-EU mutual learning, writing a new chapter for exchange between the people of China and the EU.

Time has treated us well. Something new always carries expectations. In the new year, let us harbor good intentions, join China and the West and keep in step with the melody of Chinese culture. Let’s collect a snippet of sky-blue in spring!

2020 is on our doorstep. As we bask in the sunrise of the new year, we convey our genuine wishes: Happy New Year!

2020 is on our doorstep. May it be a year filled with happiness and beauty!

GE Yiyou, Director of the China Cultural Center in Brussels

The China Cultural Center in Brussels is an official cultural institution set up by the Chinese government. It is a joint project operated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Municipality of Shanghai. On September 16th 2015, Chinese Vice-Premier LIU Yandong and Belgian Deputy Prime Minister Didier REYNDERS jointly inaugurated the Center. The center is since then open to the public.

The Center is located in the “heart of Europe” – the very center of the Belgian capital city of Brussels. It enjoys a full exposure to local pedestrians, and is close to important institutions such as the headquarter of the European Commission, the European Parliament, diplomatic corps and other media representations. It occupies a prestigious building dating back to 1861 that was otherwise the Training Centre of Dexia Bank, counting no less than 2 500 m² with 4 floors above ground and 3 undergrounds.

The Center focuses on the promotion of Chinese culture in the spirit of “Quality, Popularity, Friendship and Cooperation”. It creates international opportunities to bring people together and to encourage exchanges in terms of politics, economy, society and ideas. The Center will host a regular program offering to visitors from all walks of life a variety of activities, including performances, art exhibition, seminars, cultural workshops, film screenings, master classes, Chinese language training courses and many other services.

We are looking forward to welcoming friends and guests from all across Europe to experience extensive and profound Chinese traditional culture at the China Cultural Center in Brussels and we vigorously wish you nice discoveries on contemporary China in the Center!