4th EU-China Film Festival – The Family

This musical shows intergenerational clashes experienced by an upper-class family in the early 1920s. It especially focuses on three brothers, who each have their own way of dealing with their changing environment.

The Family家 (2018)

October 22, 2018 OV + English subtitles


Place : China Cultural Center in Brussels

Duration: 99 min

Category: Musical, romance

Director: LIU Hongmei

Starring: TIAN Yifan, LI Mengke, WANG Shuai, ZHANG Saiyi


The Family is based on a semi-autobiographical novel by Chinese author Ba Jin, which tells the story of intergenerational conflict between the old ways and progressive aspirations in an upper-class family in the city of Chengdu in the early 1920s following the New Culture Movement. The Family focuses on three brothers from the Gao family, Juexin, Juemin and Juehui, their love, and their struggles with the oppressive autocracy of their feudalist and patriarchal family. The idealistic, if rash, Juehui, the youngest brother, is the main protagonist and he is frequently contrasted with the weak eldest brother Juexin, who gives in to the demands from his grandfather, agrees to an arranged marriage, and carries on living a life he does not like to live.




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