5th EU-China Film Festival – The Long March

This epic shows the personal stories of the historical Long March.

The Long March 长征 (2007)
November 25, 2019 at 18.30: Mandarin + EN subtitles

Duration: 176 min
Category: Opera
Director: HOU Keming
Starring: YAN Weiwen, WANG Haitao, WANG Hongwei, WANG Zhe, GONG Shuang, GUAN Zhijing, ZHANG Long, HUANG Xunguo

After the failure of the 5th counter-campaign against encirclement and suppression in October 1934, the Red Army is about to depart from Ruijin. Receiving the transfer order, Commander ZENG and Commissar PENG from a regiment of the Central Red Army cannot bear to abandon the sick and wounded to the enemy. Doctor HONG, Commissar Peng’s wife, also stays behind to look after them. After the Xiangjiang River Campaign, the Red Army enters Zunyi and tries to consolidate. The Zunyi Meeting Announcement is proclaimed late that night, which marks a historic turning point in the Chinese revolution. Chased by the enemy, the soldiers start a raid of 120 km over the course of an entire day. They seize Luding Bridge and break out successfully. PING Yazi, a young soldier, bravely tastes the wild plants but is poisoned and dies as a hero. When the Red Army joined forces in Huining, Commissar Peng receives the last letter from Doctor Hong, motivating the soldiers.

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