“Blossom” ballet online broadcast

The Mid-Autumn Festival is drawing near and we are also celebrating the fifth anniversary of the China Cultural Center in Brussels. As part of the festivities, the Center has collaborated with the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Kingdom of Belgium and the Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the European Union to bring you an online broadcast of a performance by the Shanghai Ballet. “Blossom”, as the ballet is titled, will be broadcast on September 29 at 13:30 (CEST).

The performance program:

Three Shades of Blue
Inspired by Musical Productions Memories of the Valley, My Albert and Exchange Students, produced by architect Peter Guohua Fu.

All the best memories of the teenagers’ happiness, the adolescent feelings and the wordless protection stay in mind… until the unexpected accident breaks up the close friends.

Among the crowd, many similar stories exist. People try their best to overcome confusion and helplessness in the somber city, searching the direction of the shining light. She passed away, but loved the world so much. She is dancing on the cloud, looking at the people she would love to protect and telling her unwillingness of leaving.

No one doubts that darkness will be over in the end. Because there is the firm strength deep in the heart, yearning for beautiful life.

A Dream of Floating Life
He has to go by the Toad Palace in the new year, not by the plum tree nor the willow any more. – Peony Pavilion by TANG Xianzu

Inspired by story of the Kun Opera the Peony Pavilion, the choreographer romantically combines ballet and Kun Opera. The piece illustrates an abstract rhapsody about a young man who is lost in his dream and meets a mysterious figure. Dream and reality, past and present, the paradox within the story introduces introspection with the question of how to evaluate the meaning of a man’s life.

No Man’s Land
People have driven themselves out of the earth. Everything has been eroded by the years. It describes the lost world to us.

The breeze passing by, the birds singing in the distance, but time is suspended here, inviting us to daydream without words. Many things don’t feel beautiful until later. The memory of the past is not far away from us, but it presents the process of all life. This may be why we are so fascinated by this place.


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