Charm of Jiangsu: Light and Shadow – Grand Canal Photo Exhibition

The China Cultural Center in Brussels and the Jiangsu Provincial Administration of Culture and Tourism are delighted to present you the first part of a new online exhibition: “Charm of Jiangsu: Light and Shadow Grand Canal Photo Exhibition”. The second part will be available tomorrow!

These thirty photos beautifully convey the splendor of the Grand Canal, the longest canal in the world and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It originates in Yangzhou, one of the eight cities of Jiangsu Province the Grand Canal runs through, and connects eight provinces.

The canal’s oldest parts date back to the fifth century BC. Since then, it has served as a carrier of the Chinese civilization’s long history. The Grand Canal exemplifies the Chinese strength in transforming and working with nature. Along the canal, there are many gardens, buildings and towns that have been nourished by the prosperity it brought.

Take in the amazing sights captured in these photos and we will be back tomorrow with more of Jiangsu’s charm to share!