Charm of Jiangsu: More Beautiful With You

Following yesterday’s post, here is the second part of our latest online exhibition about the Grand Canal, “Charm of Jiangsu: More Beautiful with You”, presented by the China Cultural Center in Brussels and the Jiangsu Provincial Administration of Culture and Tourism.

Today we zoom in on the cultural treasures the province of Jiangsu holds, like the Classical Gardens of Suzhou, the Ming Xiaoling Tomb in Nanjing, the Grand Canal and intangible cultural heritage.

This installment additionally shows us more facets of Jiangsu’s nature and wildlife, complementing the exhibition’s first part on the Grand Canal.

Known as an overall luscious region, Jiangsu’s cities exude a unique charm that leaves visitors impressed. Through this exhibition, we hope to have given you some memorable impressions of Jiangsu as well!