Chinese Culture & Tourism Weeks: “The Beautiful Shandong” & ” The Amazing Shanghai”

From May 16 until May 31, the Center will host two exhibitions dedicated to Chinese culture and tourism. Shandong and Shanghai, in particular, will be the focal points of the Chinese Culture & Tourism Weeks.

The China Cultural Center in Brussels will serve as the place to be to explore Chinese culture and tourism from May 16 until May 31. Through two exhibitions, fragments of Shandong and Shanghai will be transported to the heart of Europe, to be discovered by Belgian and European enthusiasts alike.

The exhibition “The Beautiful Shandong” offers more insight into the cultural and natural resources of this province. Collected by the Shandong Art Museum, a range of works of Shandong folk arts will be displayed at the Center. The Spring Festival pictures and handmade kites show the local customs of the people of Shandong and how folk arts enabled them to enrich their environment. Furthermore, the exhibition includes photographs of Shandong’s landmarks and scenery.

“The Amazing Shanghai”, the second exhibition, will focus on creative cultural products from the Shanghai Museum. This diverse collection sheds a light on different aspects of Shanghai’s culture using various themes that run throughout the exhibition. From a look into the past of the literati to the modern fusion with Disney, these creative cultural products cover a lot of ground, with Shanghai’s elegance being the common thread.

Chinese Culture & Tourism Weeks: The Beautiful Shandong & The Amazing Shanghai
May 16 – May 31
Open Monday to Friday according to the opening hours of the Center, closed on Thursday May 30 (Ascension Day).

Organized by
Network of International Culturalink Entities
China Cultural Center in Brussels
Shandong Art Museum
Shanghai Museum 

Supported by
China Heute
Belt and Road Culturalink

Media supports
China & the World Cultural Exchange

The program is subject to change. Follow our Facebook page to stay tuned!