Chinese Movie Night – Caught in the web

The internet and cell phone craze of modern-day China is reaching unprecedented levels. This movie illustrates how the technology we are all so fond of can turn against us.

Caught in the Web “搜索” (2012)

23/04/2018 OV + EN subtitles

Time: 18:30

Place : China Cultural Center in Brussels

Duration:  121 min

Category: drama, thriller

Director: CHEN Kaige

Starring: GAO Yuanyuan, YAO Chen, WANG Xueqi, MARK Zhao


The refusal by Ye Lanaiu, a white-collar young lady, to offer her seat on a public bus to an elderly man is caught on a cell phone video. The video goes viral and completely changes the fate of the many people involved in the incident. Shen Liushu, a millionaire, is in anxiety since then and his wife Mo Xiaoyu breaks away from the family. Yang Jiaqi, a trainee at a TV station, sees through the indifference in workplaces, while Chen Ruoxi, an experienced TV reporter, is frustrated both at work and in her personal relations. A heavily indebted Yang Shoucheng, however, obtains an unexpected fortune. In a short span of seven days, over ten people get involved in this what first looked like as a ‘minor’ bus incident, their lives are pushed off the original path…




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