Chinese Movie Night – Young Style

A classic recipe for a love story: a high school and its young and innocent teenagers. However the Chinese societal context, such as the college entrance exam and the parental pressure that comes with that, does not make life easy for the high school sweethearts.

Young Style 青春派 (2013)

30/04/2018 OV + EN subtitles


Place : China Cultural Center in Brussels

Duration:  91 min

Category: comedy

Director: LIU Jie

Starring: DONG Zijian, QIN Hailu, Yongmei, JIAO Gang


At the high school graduation group photo session, Ju Ran openly declares his love for classmate Huang Jingjing, with whom he has been in love for the past three years. Moved by Ju Ran’s courage, Huang Jingjing reciprocates his love. Their sweet puppy love, however, is soon disrupted by the teenagers’ mothers who think their romance is undermining their performance at school. Jingjing runs away confidently, but Ran gets grounded. In an attempt to go see his girlfriend, Ran climbs out of the window and makes a painful fall, and to make things worse, Jingjing dumps him. The heartbroken young man fails the college entrance exam, after which he has to re-sit his last year of high school. Ran’s only focus seems to be to get into the same university as where Jingjing is studying. However, with 330 days of school to go, a lot can still happen…



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