Chinese Movie Nights – A Chinese Anthem from the Roof of the World

A movie showing the overwhelming beauty of the highest plateau on earth in Tibet, China.

A Chinese Anthem from the Roof of the World 世界屋脊的歌声 2014

07/05/2018 OV + EN subtitles


Place: China Cultural Center in Brussels

Duration:  98 min

Category: drama

Director: ZHANG Huafeng , LU Pinpin

Starring: WANG Renjun, MENG Li, LUO Dan, SU LANG Zhi Mu


Wu Xiaoyuan, a Shandong boy who had just started a business, unexpectedly stays in Tibet to teach Tibetan children to sing the national anthem. When he returned to Shandong from Tibet, he learned that his business partner has fled with the money. At a time when Wu Xiaoyuan was angry, depressed, and lost, his kind Tibetan friend made him feel warm and valued. Wu Xiaoyuan’s story touched a lot of people. His girlfriend, Qin Momo, turned from unintelligible at the very beginning to being a strong support.


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