Chinese Movie Nights – Documentaries in the Spring Festival spirit

January 25 is Chinese New Year. As this year’s Spring Festival draws near, the Center is showing two documentaries in the spirit of this holiday. The first one shows celebrations in Australia and the second one focuses on Chinese crafts, which are an important part of Spring Festival traditions.

January 13, 2020 at 18.30: English version 

Documentary 1
Happy Chinese New Year in Australia 欢乐春节在澳大利亚 

Duration: 45 min

The arrival of the Chinese Year of the Horse sparks a cultural fever in Australia. From metropolises like Sydney and Melbourne to the capital Canberra, on bustling streets and in museums and theatres, people rehearse performances for the celebrations and prepare food for the Chinese New Year in 2014. Chinese artists, visiting Australia especially for this event, offer festive song and dance, and participate in the National Multicultural Festival coinciding with Spring Festival.

Documentary 2
City of Joy – Legends of Paper 玩味京城——纸上春秋 

Duration: 25 min

As you may have seen in previously shown documentaries relating to the Chinese New Year, this holiday is surrounded by all kinds of traditions and folk customs, like the paper-cutting craft. This documentary zooms in on Chinese craftsmanship and follows handicraftsmen who use their innovative skills to improve their craft and find joy.

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