Chords of the New Year: Spring Festival Symphony Orchestra Concert

Specially organized for the “Happy Chinese New Year” events, this 45-minute symphony orchestra concert features both traditional Chinese folk songs and classical Western pieces, bringing different cultures together.

Folk songs are important cultural symbols. In China, they accompany weddings, funerals, agricultural activities and more. They are artistic expressions of life and their significance is reflected in the “Chords of the New Year” concert. The Chinese instrumentals match the strong atmosphere of the Spring Festival. Perfect for this time of year!

Chords of the New Year·Spring Festival Symphony Orchestra Concert – Concert Program
Spring Festival Overture
The Wrangler’s Song
Song of Riddles
Going to Jiangzhou
Yellow Poplar Shouldering Pole
Les Patineurs Valse, Op. 183
Happiness at Sunrise
Pulling a Reed Catkin
Frühlingsstimmen Walzer,op.410
Going to Watch Yangge Dance