Craftsmen in Jiading keep bamboo carving art alive

Intangible cultural heritage is found in many different forms. Very diverse materials can come into play, like bamboo. In China, bamboo has been widely used for necessities in day-to-day life. As such an important resource, the culture around bamboo involves both material and spiritual aspects of Chinese society.

Bamboo culture has brought forth bamboo carving. More than 2000 years ago, people would start carving characters and shapes in bamboo. It became more of a specialized artform over 500 years ago in the Jiading area in Shanghai, considered to be the birthplace of bamboo carving art.

After being passed down from generation to generation, bamboo carving is promoted in Jiading to this day. Local craftsmen are still engaged in this artform and committed to showcasing their bamboo carving skills.

Many excellent works are exhibited in various cultural institutions all over China. Now, the China Cultural Center in Brussels and the Shanghai Zhuyun Art Museum in Jiading are bringing you this online photo exhibition to showcase the work of talented bamboo carving craftsmen to an ever wider audience.

To complement the photo exhibition, you can also watch this documentary about bamboo carving. The video goes more in depth about the art of bamboo carving, introduces masters from Jiading and takes you along to a museum filled with bamboo art.