Chinese Movie Nights – Documentary: Chinese Garden (ep. 4-5)

More than a simple green space with a pavilion and a bridge over the water, a Chinese garden seeks to encapsulate the qualities of a natural world in an enclosed retreat space. It is a place of sacred magic were one can observe the eternal cycle of nature.

Documentary: Chinese Garden (ep.4-5)
13/02 English version

Category: Documentary
Duration: 2×50min

Chinese Garden Episode 4: Poetry in stones and streams (50 min)

Tang poetry reached a level of perfection that poets of the younger generation can only dream to ever match. In his poems, WANG Wei (王維 701-761, Tang Dynasty) captured exquisitely the details of nature to make them more vivid. Not only did he use nature to express his thoughts in his poems but he also used poems and paintings for the design of his own garden. It is his influence that has left Chinese gardens design as an expression of a particular artistic form. Later his vision became a model for many imperial gardens.

Chinese Garden Episode 5: Genyue and the illusion of paradise (50 min)

This episode brings us to Genyue a garden in the capital city of the Song Dynasty: Bianjing. The Emperor Huizong believed that by creating a piece of heaven on Earth, he could entice the gods to come and reside in his capital and thus ensure the Song Dynasty succession forever. Today Bianjing is called Kaifeng (Henan Province), and the Emperor Huizong can still be spotted wandering in the succeeding courtyards covered with lush vegetation of the Millennium City Park.

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