Chinese Movie Nights – Confucius

Since the China Cultural Center is currently hosting an exhibition on the ancient Chinese philosophers, we invite you to watch again a great movie about the most well-known among them : Confucius.

Confucius (2010 )
11/07 (FR subtitles)
13/07 (EN subtitles)
6:30 pm

Category : Drama, History, biography
Duration : 2h05min
Director :HU Mei
Starring: CHOW Yun-fat, ZHOU Xun, CHEN Jianbin

More than two thousand years ago, during the warring states period, the King of Lu gets help from highly influential philosopher Confucius to regain his power. The scholar gets promoted to minister of justice and is consulted on important political affairs. But soon Confucius’ intelligence and charisma are seen as a threat by the political powerhouses who fear they may loose their influence over the king… Confucius is banished, wandering for several years from state to state, through war and chaos, without losing his ideals for peace and harmony.


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