Chinese Movie Nights – Documentaries: “The Bicycle” and “Under the Olympic Flag”

A documentary night focusing on sport, starting from the rebirth of China’s beloved bicycle through a family race and moving on to the huge preparations implemented by the country in order to host the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Documentaries: “The Bicycle” and “Under the Olympic Flag”
08/05/2017 in English version

Category : Documentary
Duration :  20 min and 30 min


The Bicycle / 自行车
In the old days bicycles crowded the streets of China. It fell out of favour due to the economic development of China and the widespread use of private cars. Today cycling as regain popularity as a fashionable sport and an environmentally-friendly mean of transportation.

Under the Olympic Flag  /  在奥运旗帜下
The 29th Olympic Games that were held in 2008 in China have brought about great changes to the life of Chinese people and the aspects of Beijing and other Olympic venues. No efforts were spared in preparation to this global sports event. This documentary follows ordinary people who brought their contribution to this extraordinary event.

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