Chinese Movie Nights – Eat Drink Man Woman

The comedy Eat Drink Man Woman tells the life story of a great chef who lives alone and has three unmarried daughters. Cooking is the only way for him to communicate with his daughters. An absolutely wonderful film to be enjoyed, without reserve!

Eat Drink Man Woman (1994)

29/03 (Tuesday! FR subtitles) & 31/03 (EN subtitles)

Duration: 2h04min
Category: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Director: Ang LEE
Actors: Sihung LUNG, Yu-Wen WANG, Chien-Lien WU, Kuei-Mei YANG

Each Sunday, Mr Zhu, a great senior chief, makes a delicious banquet for his three unmarried daughters: Jiazhen, a broken-hearted school teacher converted to Christianity; Jiaqian, a successful businesswoman who dreams about being independent; Jianing, a college student with a complicated love life. These weekly dinners are an opportunity for each daughter to bring news to their conservative and old-fashioned father. Around a table full of Chinese tasty dishes, the traditional mind of old Zhu clashes with the more modern views of his daughters.


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