Chinese Movie Nights – The Ferry

A touching art film that pays tribute to WAN Qizhen from the province of Hubei. The Ferry is actually shot in late WAN’s house, at the exact spot where he used to carry villagers across the river in his boat. A simple film rendering the true story of a simple man.

The Ferry (2012)
20/03/2017 in Chinese with English subtitles

Duration : 93 min
Category : Drama
Director: SHI Wei
Starring : ZHOU Guangda, LIU Jun

Every day Old Tian ferries people across the river to keep the promise his grandfather made to the villagers who rescued him and his family from hunger. Old Tian does not ask anything in return of his services. His son, who works in the city, does not agree with his father’s eagerness to pursue this long-lasting promise, but his coming home for a few day will open his eyes …

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