Chinese Movie Nights – Fly with the Crane

Film and documentary at the same time, Fly with the crane, adapted from Su Tong’s novel Tell Them I’ve Gone With the White Crane, is a reflection on the progressive disappearance of Chinese traditional funeral customs.

Flying with the Crane (2012) / 告訴他們,我乘白鶴去了
29/05/2017 in Chinese version with English subtitles

Duration:  108 min
Category: drama
Director: Li Ruijun 李睿珺
Starring: Ma Xinchun 马兴春, Zhang Min 张敏, Tang Long 汤龙, Wang Siyi 王思怡

Old Ma is a 73-year-old carpenter, him and his long-time partner, Lao Cao, used to be famous carpenters, building coffins for several villages around. Now that the government bans traditional burial in favour of cremation, the old men are out of work. The idea of being turned into ashes is unbearable for old Maw who believes that one’s spirit can only be preserved through burial and brought to heaven by a white crane.


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