Chinese Movie Nights – Monk Comes Down The Mountain

Acclaimed Director Chen Kaige gives us a genuinely entertaining and fast-paced martial art movie based on Xu Haofeng’s best-seller novel: A Monk Comes Down The Mountain.

Monk Comes Down The Mountain (2015) / 道士下山
22/05/2017 in Chinese version with English subtitles

Duration: 120 min
Category: Martial art, comedy, adventure
Director: Chen Kaige 陈凯歌
Starring: Wang Baoqiang 王宝强, Aaron Kwok Fu Shing  郭富城, Chang Chen 張震, LIN Chiling  林志玲

In the 1920’s, due to food shortage, He Anxia, a rather unsophisticated young monk highly skilled in kung fu, gets kicked out of the Taoist temple he has always lived in. The innocent young man suddenly finds himself into the “real world”, embarking on an extraordinary journey that will bring him to understand his old master teaching.


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