Chinese Movie Nights – Monster Hunt

Song is a very proud father, who wouldn’t be when you give birth to such a cute monster?

Monster Hunt (2015)
10/04/2017 in Chinese version with English subtitles
Time : 6:30PM

Duration :  120 min
Category : Fantasy, comedy, martial art
Director : Raman Hui Shing-Ngai
Starring : BAI Baihe ; JING Boran

When a civil war breaks out in the monster kingdom, the fatally ill queen is forced to flee to the human kingdom. Luckily, she is able to pass on her unborn child and heir of the throne to Song Tianyin, a young man, chief of the remote village of Yongning. After giving birth to the little monster, Song, as a dedicated father, commits himself to protect him against both humans and monsters threats.


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