Chinese Movie Nights – Shower

Presented as a light-hearted comedy, Shower explores the value of family, friendship, and tradition. The film revolves around a family-run bathhouse in Beijing.

Shower (2000)

22/02 (FR) & 25/02 (EN)

Category: Comedy, Drama
Duration: 1h30min
Director: ZHANG Yang
Actors: ZHU Xu, PU Cunxin, JIANG Wu

Old Liu and his younger son Liu Erming, who is mentally challenged, run a bathhouse in Beijing. Some regular customers of the bathhouse spend their entire days there. Old Liu has become more than a masseur, as he lends an attentive ear to their personal problems. One day Erming sends a postcard to his elder brother Liu Daming tricking him in thinking that their father is deceased, prompting him to return hastily.


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