Chinese Movie Nights – The Witness

The Witness is a Chinese remake of the successful Korean thriller Blind (2011), both films were directed by Korean director Ahn Sang Hoon.

The Witness (2015) / 我是证人
26/06/2017 VO + EN subtitles

Duration:  112 min
Category: Suspens, crime, drama
Director: Ahn Sang Hoon 安尚勋
Starring: YANG Mi 杨幂, LU Han鹿晗, WANG Jingchun王景春, ZHU Yawen朱亚文

An accident a few years back left trainee policewoman LU Xiaocheng blind and guilt-ridden by the death of her step-brother. One day, while sitting in a taxi headed home, she becomes the key witness to an accident. Thanks to the strength of her remaining senses and her acute deduction skills she is able to give very detailed information to the police. Lin Chong, a young skater also witnessed the incident, but strangely his testimony contradicts the one of Xiaocheng. Who to believe then? Things become urgent when it appears that the incriminated taxi driver may well be responsible for the abductions of several young women…


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