Chinese New Year activities

To celebrate Chinese New Year, the China Cultural Center in Brussels will  host from January 30th to February 28th a Chinese paper-cut exhibition and on January 30th-31th the Songjiang Folk Culture Experience days. Jointly sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV and the China  Cultural Center in Brussels, this event is co-hosted by Shanghai Songjiang Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV,Shanghai Yangpu Administration of Culture, Shanghai Animation Publishing & Media Company Limited and the Shanghai Comic Center. Through various workshops and performances Chinese artists will give to people from Belgium and Europe a firsthand experience of the most important Chinese festival.

You will be immersed in the happy and festive atmosphere of Chinese New Year! So come “watch”, “listen” and “participate to” the numerous activities!

Please note that events on the 30th are by invitation only.

What’s to see?
You can watch the exhibition featuring Chinese paper-cuts, prints, New Year paintings and comic books. 40 paper-cuts, 4 prints, 4 New Year paintings and 200 comic books will be exhibited. No doubt that these wonderful Chinese artworks will give you a better deep feeling of the plain beauty contained in traditional Chinese culture!

What’s to hear?
You can enjoy the elegant and melodious music of string instruments prevailing in the areas south of the Yangtze River and the dynamic music of wind instruments. With the erhu, dulcimer, guqin, xiao, pipa, bamboo flute and other typical Chinese musical instruments, the Xingjin Symphonic Band of the Shanghai Kongjiang High School and the Shanghai Cloud Band will present famous Chinese classical music including: Farewell songs at Yangguang Pass, Hilarious Joy, and Blooming Flowers and Full Moon, as well as Alouette, a very popular song in Belgium.

What’s to do?
Finally, there will also be many interesting interactive activities waiting for your participation! What about learning to make dough figures or a print, and having a try at calligraphy and Chinese painting?

We look forward to welcoming you to this cultural feast, to celebrate Chinese New Year on January 30*-31!

Chinese New Year activities detailed agenda

  • Saturday January 28th: Chinese New Year Parade and show in Brussels
    Time: 2PM-6PM
    Place: Departure from the Grand Place at 2PM -> Théâtre de la Monnaie -> Boulevard Anspach -> arrival and show Place de la Bourse
  • Sunday January 29th: Chinese New Year Parade and show in Dinant
    Time: 2PM-6PM
    Place: Dinant city center
  • Monday 30th January: Chinese New Year activities (upon invitation only)
  • Tuesday 31st January: Chinese New Year activities
    Time: 7PM-9.30PM
    7PM: small orchestra by the Shanghai Cloud Band
    7PM-9.30PM: Cocktail reception / paper-cut exhibition / Chinese arts & crafts workshops/ documentary
    Place: China Cultural Center in Brussels

Please note that this schedule and all activities are subject to change without prior notice.