Chinese Opera: “The Peony Pavilion” by the Zhejiang Kunju Troupe

On the occasion of the “Week of Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage”, the Center invites you to enjoy, discover and re-discover the traditional art of Chinese Opera: Kunju. On Wednesday 14th of June the Zhejiang Kunju Troupe will perform The Peony Pavilion, the most famous drama of literary master Tang Xianzu.

The number of seats being limited, we kindly ask you to register via this link:


Time : 7pm
Duration : 1h30

The Peony Pavilion tells the story of Du Liniang, a government official’s daughter, falling asleep one day in her garden. In her dreams, she falls in love with a young scholar, and upon waking, when she realizes that her beautiful dream is unattainable, she enters into a deep depression.

Yang Kun 杨崑 as Du Liniang 杜丽娘
Mao Wenxia 毛文霞as Liu Mengmei 柳梦梅
Bao Yuming 包煜茗 as Chun Xiang 春香
Li Qiongyao 李琼瑶 as Mother Du 杜母

About the Zhejiang Kunju Troupe:
The Zhejiang Kunju Troupe was established on April 1, 1956. It is the oldest professional Kunju troupe in China. On May 18, 2001, the Chinese Kunju art form was included in the UNESCO’s Representative List of the Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.In the last sixty years, the Zhejiang Kunju Troupe has continued to adapt, create and perform hundreds of quality Kunju pieces in a variety of styles. The Zhejiang Kunju Troupe has been honored with both national and international theatre awards, as well as excellent reviews from audience members and industry professionals alike. Since 2000, the Zhejiang Kunju Troupe has made incredible strides in popularizing and expanding the Kunju art and promoting intercultural exchange both internationally and regionally, ultimately broadening the Zhejiang Kunju Troupe’s recognition and influence abroad. The new century for the Zhejiang Kunju Troupe means completely new ideas and approaches to development, with unremitting diligence and dedication to the preservation, protection, development, and passing down of the Chinese Kunju tradition.

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