Chinese Movie Nights – Feng Shui

Is the bad Feng Shui in a house determinant for its resident’s destiny, or is it possible to take control over your own future? Strong woman Li Baoli will show us…

Feng Shui / 【万箭穿】故事梗概 (2012)
04/12/2017 VO + EN subtitles

Duration:  118 min
Category: drama
Director: Wang Jing 王竞
Starring: Yan Bingyan颜丙燕,Chen Gang陈刚,Jiao Gang焦刚

Wuhan in the 1990s, Ma Xuewu and Li Baoli are stuck in an unhappy marriage. After a lot of unfortunate incidents and ultimately the dead of Ma, Baoli’s best friends suggest that the bad Feng Shui in the house is to blame. However, Baoli decides to take life in her own hands and fight for the wellbeing of her family.


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