Chinese Movie Nights – The Bullet Vanishes

Action, suspense and a touch of mystery awaits you in The Bullet Vanishes where we follow the adventure of Captain Guo Zhui and Inspector Song Donglu in a real “Sherlock Holmes” style enquiry set in the 1930’s Shanghai.

The Bullet Vanishes /  消失的子弹 (2012)
06/11/2017 VO + EN subtitles

Duration:  108 min
Category: action, drama
Director: Law Chi-leung罗志良
Starring: Nicholas Tse谢霆锋; Lau Ching-wan刘青云; Yang Mi杨幂;
Jing Boran井柏然; Wu Gang吴刚; Liu Kai-chi廖启智

When a series of mysterious murders caused by vanishing bullets happen in a munitions factory, Song Donglu, a rather eccentric detective, and Guo Zhui, the “Fastest Gunman in Town” team up to investigate. It is not long before they too become the targets of this phantom killer…


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