Chinese Movie Nights – The Taking of the Tiger Mountain

A movie based on a historical conflict between the People’s Liberation Army of China and warlord gangs during the Civil War era of 1946.

The Taking of the Tiger Mountain / 智取湖山(2014)
11/12/2017 VO + EN subtitles

Duration: 143 min
Category: action, war, drama
Director: Hark Tsui
Starring: Hanyu Zhang, Tony Ka Fai Leung, Kenny Lin

In a time where warlords occupied Northeastern China and threatened the lives of civilians there, Unit 203 of the People’s Liberation Army crossed paths with Hawk, the most powerful warlord at the time. Hawk was armed with strong artillery and had an impenetrable fortress up on the Tiger Mountain. As a strategy to defeat the warlord, Unit 203 of the PLA sends Zirong to infiltrate and spy on the Tiger Mountain. What follows next is a cold-blooded battle between the two groups deep inside the snowy forest.


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