Chinese Movie Nights – Village Diary

A very touching documentary film, by famous photographer Director Bo Jiao, that will bring you to the heart of China and let you experience the daily life of its countryside.

Village Diary /乡村里的中国 (2013)
18/09/2017 VO + EN subtitles

Duration:  100 min
Category: documentary film
Director: Bo Jiao焦波

During a year, documentary director Bo Jiao and his crew settled in a small rural village in the province of Shandong, China. “Village diary” is the outcome of their experience and records the daily life of several farmer families. From their folk customs to their day to day struggle and hopes in a fast changing China, the farmers open up to the crew that is soon considered as the 168th family of the village of Shaoyu (杓峪村).


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