Chinese Movie Nights – Documentary: Chinese Garden episodes 2 & 3

More than a simple green space with a pavilion and a bridge over the water, a Chinese garden seeks to encapsulate the qualities of a natural world in an enclosed retreat space. It is a place of sacred magic were one can observe the eternal cycle of nature.

Chinese Garden
16/01 (EN subtitles)

Category : Documentary
Duration : 2*50 min

Chinese Garden Episode 2: The Emperor’s Playground / 村庄里的上林苑 (50 min)

Discover Emperor HAN Wudi’s treasure ground, an imperial garden established for his pleasure of hunting and to impress visiting dignitaries from far and wide. In this huge natural space purely intended for recreational purposes could be found tens of palaces to accommodate the royal family and their guests but also exotic fauna and flora imported from all over the empire and beyond…

Chinese Garden Episode 3: Dream / 桃花源有多远 (50 min)

The archetypes of Chinese romanticism in nature: the Bamboo Grove*, the Peach Blossom Spring** and the Orchid Pavilion*** were all established in a hundred year period from the mid-third to the mid-fourth centuries. They had a profound and lasting influence of the spirit and principles of the Chinese garden ever after.

* Reference to The Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove 竹林七贤,
** 桃花源记, Essay by Tao Yuanming 陶淵明 also called Tao Qian, written 421 A.D.
*** Gathering during the Spring Festival in 353 A.D. of 42 poets and calligraphers during which 37 poems were composed. They later inspired generations and generations of Chinese artists.

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