Experiencing CHINA!

Experiencing CHINA ! are three afternoons on July 4th, 7th and 14th, full of activities for you and your family to come and discover China and dive in its ancient and rich culture! A perfect opportunity to travel to this faraway country without actually leaving Brussels…

On Monday 4th, Thursday 7th and Thursday 14th July, the CCC Team invites you on a journey to the very heart of China! For one afternoon (or 2 or 3!) come with your friends and family and take part in the various FREE activities that will be organized from 1.30PM to 6PM : Game of GO, calligraphy sessions, initiation to Wushu (Chinese martial art) and tea-tasting. Besides, participate to our quiz and drawing contest « Once upon a time in China » and win beautiful prizes ! The activities are open to everyone, kids and adults. Come with your friends and spread the word around you !

Planning your visit:

The different activities will take place in the center from 1.30pm to 6pm. You are free to go from one workshop to the other as you please and no registration is necessary.

However, to ensure the best possible welcome to all, we kindly ask you to inform us in advance of your group visit when you are planning to come with more than 7 people, by contacting the reception desk either by phone 02/704.40.20 or email at info@cccbrussels.be .

Can’t wait ? Here is the program of Experiencing CHINA !

July 4th, 7th & 14th : Wushu workshops
July 4th & 14th : Calligraphy workshops
July 7th & 14th : Tea-tasting workshops
July 4th, 7th & 14th : Game of Go workshops
July 4th, 7th & 14th : Drawing Contest “Once upon a time in China” – Quiz: “It’s all Chinese to me!” – Tourist information stand

Wushu workshops / 武术 wǔshù (July 4th)

With Master WANG Jinlong, Shaolin monk of the Shaolin Kungfu School.
Master Wang is a Shaolin monk, called Shi Heng Jin, recognized as a high-level athlete by the Flemish community. He is the very first foreign athlete to get this status in Belgium in the field of combat sports. Wushu means « martial art » in Chinese. Together with the words gong fu (Kung Fu), it takes the meaning of « mastering ». Wushu is over 2000 years old and takes its origin in ancient China, and more precisely in the observation of animals’ combat styles. There are currently no less than 700 different styles of Wushu. Some are really famous, such as Chang Quan (practiced by Chinese actor Jet Li) or Yong Chun Quan (first style practiced by Sino-American superstar Bruce Lee).
Wushu is not only an efficient self-defence martial art, it also includes a specific life philosophy, way of life, and method of personal, physical and mental development. Motivated? Put on some comfortable clothes and release the hawk, manta and tiger in you !

This activity will take place at the 3rd floor and open to everyone from 6 years old. Adults are more than welcome. 30 to 40-minute sessions will be organized from 2PM to 6PM. We strongly advise you to wear loose and comfortable clothes, and to take off your shoes to attend the session.

Wushu workshops / 武术 wǔ shù (July 7th and 14th)

With Lynn Wei, acupuncturist, massage therapist, and Tai Chi coach.
Lynn WEI discovered Tai Chi Chuan with Master Jie Feng Chen. She was immediately attracted by the fine work of this martial art, its orientation towards health, and the balance between body and soul it advocates. Her passion for Tai Chi Chuan is also fed by a deep interest in Eastern philosophies such as Yin and Yang. She became an instructor in 2008 and practices the Chen style of Tai Chi.

On the afternoons of July 7th and 14th, Mrs Wei will demonstrate a different martial art every hour and then give the opportunity to the audience to try practicing themselves.

14H -14h45, Tai Ji Quan
Tai Ji Quan is a Chinese martial art originally practiced for its defence training. Today it is also used as a form of exercise for health and has spread worldwide as many scientific researches revealed that Tai Ji Quan is a safe and effective therapy for osteoarthritis, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, chronic pain, depression…

15H-15h45, Tai Ji with Sword
A Tai Ji sword (太极剑 tàijíjiàn) is a straight two-edged sword that is used when practicing Taiji.The aim is to successfully attack by never touching the weapon of the opponent through the use of deceptively quick steps. The Tai Chi Sword is mainly used as a defensive weapon, and requires for the swordsman to develop patience, peace of mind, and bravery.

16H-16h45, Chang Quan
長拳 Chángquán, literally “Long Fist” is part of the family of external martial arts who are characterized by fast and explosive movements and a focus on physical strength and agility. It is practiced unarmed and can sometimes be very acrobatic!

17h, closing demonstration of Tai ji

Motivated? Put on some comfortable clothes and jump in!
This activity will take place at the 3rd floor and open to everyone from 8 years old. We strongly advise you to wear loose and comfortable clothes, and to take off your shoes to attend the session.


Calligraphy workshops / 书法 shūfǎ (July 4th and 14th)

With Mr. ZHANG Wenhai, painter and calligrapher, graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Shanghai and the Fine Arts Royal Academy of Brussels.
Did you know that Chinese calligraphy entered the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2009 ? The history of calligraphy is as long as the history of China itself. In ancient times, Chinese characters, which were simple ideograms, were engraved on bones or turtle shells. Later on, Chinese scholars wrote more complex ideograms on bronze and then on bamboo strips. Today, calligraphy is mostly practiced with a brush on rice paper or silk.
Chinese calligraphy is a very expressive traditional art. According to an old Chinese saying, the personality of the calligrapher can be observed through the calligraphy itself. Calligraphy is the reflection of someone’s emotion, education level, and personal accomplishments. Besides, calligraphy is a mental exercise requiring coordination between mind and body. It is an art that allows one to relax while stimulating physical and spiritual well-being and health. For that matter, many famous Chinese calligraphers lived to a very old age !

Want to try? During this workshop, you will discover the originality and interesting aspects of Chinese writing, and learn more about the « Four Jewels of the Study » (文房四宝 wénfáng sì bǎo) :

● The brush: 毛笔, máobǐ
● The ink stick : 墨, mò
● The rice paper : 宣纸, xuānzhǐ
● The inkstone : 砚台, yàntái

You will be able to go back home with your own artwork !


Tea-tasting workshop / 茶 chǎ (July 7th and 14th)

With Olivier NUTTENS from L’Heure Bleue.
Passionate about tea for more than 15 years, Olivier Nuttens decided to open his own tea house in Brussels five years ago. His philosophy relies on welcoming, advising and accompanying both people totally new to the tea culture and connoisseurs who, just like him, are looking for exceptional and rare teas. His tea house is first and foremost a place for exchanges and discoveries. Olivier takes great pleasure in letting people taste a brand new tea he just received or showing “beginners” how to use a gaiwan.

During the Experiencing CHINA ! workshops, he will offer you to taste different Chinese « tea colors » : green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea (blue-green team) and Pu’Erh (dark team). A wide series of flavours and fragrances awaits you during this true exploration of the rich and ancient world of Chinese teas, prepared for the occasion with traditional utensils: tiny teapots and mini-cups … Interested ? Take a seat around the table and let yourself be charmed by Chinese tea…


Game of Go workshop / 围棋 wéiqí (July 4th, 7th, 14th)

With Thomas CONNOR from the Fédération Belge de Go – Belgian Champion of Go.
The Game of Go is called « weiqi » in Chinese. It is an essential part of Chinese culture and is one of the « Four Arts » – together with calligraphy, painting and music- that educated people had to master in ancient China. Traces of this Chinese strategy game date back more than 2500 years. Two opponents face each other on a board of 19 lines by 19, forming 361 intersections on which players alternately place black or white stones, gradually drawing the borders of their territories. At the end of the game, the territories owned by the two players are converted into points. Whoever has the most wins. Unlike chess or checkers, the board of a game of Go is initially empty. Players must progressively build their positions and share the space. Some would say that it is more about negotiating than conquering.

Intrigued ? Venture in the realm of Go and become the finest strategist!
Note: The Go Game workshop is for adults and children from 8 years old.


But also :
Drawing Contest “Once upon a time in China”
What comes to your mind when you hear the words “China”, “Chinese”? How does China look like according to you? What would you like to see or visit in China?
Take pencils, coloured pens, and a piece of paper and participate to our drawing contest “Once upon a time in China.” Draw China as you imagine it!

Once finished, hand over your work at the reception desk, do not forget to write your first name, last name and email address at the back of your paper. If your drawing is selected, we will contact you and you will receive a gift!

Note: This activity is also for adults, so feel free to unleash your talent!

Quiz: “It’s all Chinese to me!”
Children, adults come and give your brains a workout! Answer the Panda’s questions to have a chance to win a gift!

To participate ask the reception for an answer card, the rest … is up to you … explore the Center to find the questions, solve the puzzles and riddles of your level (child or adult) and come back to us with your answers. If you were able to overcome the questions laid by the Panda, the reward is yours!

Tourist information stand
This is the starting point of your future travel to China. Brochures, maps and guidebooks will be available for you to read on site and will without a doubt give you a good overview of the wonders that China offers …

Free entry / Drinks and snacks from 1 €

The program is subject to change, follow our Facebook page to stay tuned!