Chinese Movie Nights – Spring Subway

A wonderful motion picture that depicts the complexity of adults relationships in modern Beijing.

Spring Subway (2002)
19/12 (FR subtitles)
21/12 (EN subtitles)

Category : Drama Romance
Duration : 93 min
Director : Zhang Yibai
Starring : Xu Jinglei, Geng Le, Zhang Yang, Gao Yuanyuan.

Jian Bin (Geng Le) has been unemployed for the last three months. Yet, he dresses up everyday, takes his briefcase and pretends to leave for work while in fact he spends his days riding the metro all over Beijing. In the metro, Jian Bin becomes the daily witness of the life of the other passengers and their desperate shy or clumsy attempts to fall in love, while his own couple is facing an deadlock.


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