Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Activities of Health Care

The “Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Exhibition of Health Care”, will present the time-honoured history, theory and practice of health care in China through meridian, exercise, diet and environment, and give visitors the opportunity to experience firsthand the unique charm and great vitality of traditional Chinese medicine culture.

Revolving around four main themes – meridian health care, exercise health care, diet health care and environment health care – the interactive activities will give Belgian and European audiences an overview of the long history and remarkable curative effects of traditional Chinese medicine.

Programme on Monday 28th of August

– Folk Music performance
– Herbal Bag workshop
– Moxa Stick workshop

– Martial art performance
– Lecture on Meridian and Health Care by Prof Wang Lili


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List of activities:

  • Health Care Lectures

Traditional Chinese medicine is not only remarkable for its curative effects, but also known as an efficient disease prevention tool. Lecturers from the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine will share in their conferences the wisdom on health care inherited from China’s age long experience in using natural elements as cure.

  • Moxa Stick workshop

Acupuncture is the most characteristic and common treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. It can be divided into two parts: acupuncture and moxibustion therapy. Moxibustion therapy consists in warming meridian points on the body with a stick in order to favour the circulation of Qi (energy). Fancy making your own Moxa stick? Come and have a try!

  • Herbal Bag workshop

It is quite common for people in China to carry herbal bag on their body. Herbal bags can contain various fragrant herbs with different efficiency. This workshop will give you the opportunity to make a special Chinese herbal bag by yourselves!

  • Martial Arts Performance

Martial arts athletes from the Shanghai University of TCM will present Taiji and other traditional martial arts during amazing performances.

  • Folk Music Performance

Folk music is a very important part of traditional Chinese culture. On the occasion of the exhibition, the folk music band of the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine will offer several performances of Chinese traditional instruments.