Where the Dream Begins: Creating the World – Exhibition of Chinese Creation Myths

“Where the Dream Begins: Creating the World – Exhibition of Chinese Creation Myths” presents sixty-eight comic paintings telling the fascinating stories of mythical Chinese heroes that will introduce the Belgian and European audiences to the Chinese vision of the creation of the world and the origins of civilisation. This exhibition will be hosted at the China Cultural Center until from the 5th of May to the 23rd of May 2017.

The exhibition “Where the Dream Begins: Creating the World – Exhibition of Comics of Chinese Creation Myths” will be held from May 5th to May 23rd in the China Cultural Center in Brussels. Sixty-eight comic paintings categorized into seventeen sets with distinctive Chinese styles and artistic individualities will be presented to the Belgian and European audience. The latest publication of the seventeen sets of comic books will also be released on the occasion of the exhibition.

All the works of this exhibition are comics focused on the theme of “Creating the World – Literary and Artistic Works on Chinese Creation Myths”, an important cultural project carried out by the city of Shanghai. Combing through numerous works on the origin of the Chinese civilization, this project presents fascinating stories of heroes in a time of chaos, and helps readers admire the immortal spirits and vitality of Chinese mythical ancestors. All the paintings are the artists’ latest works and were created in 2016. Both renowned artists devoted to comics, and vigorous young and middle-aged specialists from all over China have contributed to the work. Most of the exhibited works are light ink and wash paintings, while oil paintings, traditional Chinese paintings characterized by a meticulous style with heavy colours, pastels and computer animations are also included to show a diversified range of art forms. The artists share the same wish that, in addition to completing this valuable cultural program, they would also reach another artistic height of comic creation in China and offer a series of popular artworks that the general public would cherish and collect. One distinguishing quality of this comic series is its deep respect for the individuality of each artist and the diversity of the artistic styles.

During the exhibition, some of the participating artists will be invited to interact with Belgian artists on the occasion of a seminar. Moreover comic books sets will be donated by the artists to the China Cultural Center in Brussels and to the Confucius Institute.

This excellent series of comics about Chinese creation myths will present to the Belgian and European audience a different version of the ancient oriental civilization through beautiful and attractive traditional Chinese paintings.

Where the Dream Begins: Creating the World – Exhibition of Chinese Creation Myths
Organizers: Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy, China Cultural Center in Brussels
From May 5th to May 23rd, 2017
Open Monday to Friday according to the opening hours of the Center.

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