Exhibition “Art & Peace”

Chinese art certainly has a long and rich history. This exhibition specifically chose 40 pieces from works previously exhibited at the Beijing International Art Biennale, an international art platform aiming to promote Chinese artists and fine arts exchanges. Paintings, oil paintings, prints, sculptures, watercolors, lacquer paintings and mixed media works are exhibited to show the latest achievements of China’s contemporary artists and the wide talents of the rising Chinese artistic community.

China is a peace-loving nation with peace flowing in its veins, and so is Belgium! Though many mountains and rivers stand between China and Belgium, this shared passion for art and peace closely connects both countries and their people.

Named “Art & Peace”, this new exhibition covers a wide range of themes and artistic currents: while some works reflect contemporary social problems, some refer to more historical events, some are rather inspired by literature and some simply depict natural scenes. The audience travels between classical realism, modern freehand drawing and abstractionism, among other currents. Chinese artists express here their sincere longing for a peaceful and harmonious life. The exhibition itself is a symbol of the expectations of the international community and mankind for peace and development in a time when political disputes, religious conflicts and ethnic clashes challenge global peace and leave space to hegemonism, terrorism and violent extremism.

Exhibition “Art & Peace”
The International Tour Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Works of Art
From December 7th to 19th, 2016
Monday to Friday following the opening hours of the Center