The Pictorial Exhibition of Ancient Chinese Philosophers & Amazing Shanghai Photo Exhibition

From June 13th to July 15th it is not one but two exhibitions that you will be able to enjoy at the China Cultural Center! Immerse yourself in Chinese philosophy with the greatest thinkers of the Middle Kingdom and then fast forward a good few centuries to find yourself at the heart of the Chinese megalopolis of Shanghai…

The Pictorial Exhibition of Ancient Chinese Philosophers

The Pictorial Exhibition of Ancient Chinese Philosophers will exhibit 30 pieces of paintings about Confucius, Mencius, Laozi, Zhuangzi, Mozi, and Sunzi. These paintings represent significant moments and events in their intellectual and spiritual growth. The paintings, with a strong Chinese style and flavor, tell touching stories about the great thinkers, and give visitors a clearer and fuller understanding about their life.
While advocating the benevolence, honesty, justice and harmony these great thinkers valued, these paintings also bring into focus their family life, loving moment, daily trivialities and local customs. In term of artistic representation, these paintings are infused with european and American  portrait style, and the ultimate simplicity of expression will make the visit to the exhibition a barrier-free interaction with ancient Chinese philosophers.

Amazing Shanghai Photo Exhibition

The Chinese megalopolis of Shanghai reveals itself to the visitors through a series of forty photographs. From one season to another, one district to the next, discover a multifaceted city, full of traditions in its modernity, whose rhythm is frantic but where the imperial peace and eternal harmony inherent to ancient China still reign in some secret places. No doubt that the city of Shanghai alone crystallises the contrasts and sometimes even the anachronisms that characterises today’s China, an immense territory ever changing.

Practical information

From 13.06 to 15.07.2016
Free entrance – Opening hours:
From Monday to Wednesday
9.30 – 20.00
Thursday and Friday
9.30 – 18.00

The program is subject to change. Follow our Facebook page to stay tuned !