Untitled works by Chu Teh-Chun

Untitled, 60 x 80cm, 2001

Today, we share five untitled artworks by CHU Teh-Chun, or ZHU Dequn, a Chinese-French artist born 100 years ago. He is still an important figure in the school of lyrical abstract painting.

Chu’s unique style combined traditional Chinese painting and Western abstract art. His work is known to contain both the gentleness of Eastern art and the richness of Western painting.

Today’s untitled works are prints representing that style. The color seems to have the characteristics of thick and viscous oil painting, while it also has the transparency of watercolor. The works’ rich yet subtle visual structure create a sense of vast and boundless space.

We thank the China Art Museum, Shanghai for providing these artworks and hope you enjoyed this Chinese take on abstract art.