“Flowers” by Lin Fengmian

Last year, the Chinese Cultural Center in Brussels screened a documentary about the painting master Lin Fengmian. He was a major player in the art scene of the 1920s and 1930s. Having studied abroad, Lin Fengmian is known for harmonizing Chinese and Western influences in his paintings. His style has been described as lyrical.

The painting we are sharing today is “Flowers”. As the title suggests, it shows a close-up view of some flowers in a full composition. The bright, contrasting colors make the picture look vibrant and create an asymmetrical yet balanced effect. The impressionist brushstrokes establish a subtle dynamic between light and shadow.

This painting has the richness of pastels and oil paints and the lightness of watercolors. It embodies Lin Fengmian’s efforts to explore the integration of Chinese and Western art forms and techniques.

LIN Fengmian, Flowers, 68 x 46 cm, Collection of the China Art Museum