“Golden Cudgel” acrobatics show

“Golden Cudgel” is a large-scale original 3D acrobatics show in China jointly created by the Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe, Digital Tiger Image and Huawu Visual Culture Media. While retaining classic acrobatic skills, it organically combines the dramatic story and 3D technology through multimedia images and screen projection.

The show goes live on February 7 at 13:00 (UTC+1) HERE.

The story picks up after the Monkey King was crushed under Wuzhi Mountains. It follows the Golden Cudgel’s search for a talented boy to teach. Together, they fight evil.

Once upon a time, Heaven and Earth were in chaos, and demons were everywhere. In order to eradicate the demons, the Golden Cudgel had to choose a brave and kind boy to go to Huaguo Mountains to cultivate his skills with a drunken monkey family.

In the Dragon Palace, the Golden Cudgel was ambushed by an evil demon and unfortunately captured. Relying on his martial arts and magic skills learned from the Golden Cudgel, the little boy led the monkeys to fight bravely against the demon. They defeated it at last.

Peace was restored to the world, and the little boy lived happily with all living beings.

The stage application of 3D technology beautifully presents the mythological scenery of Huaguo Mountains, the Dragon Palace and the fairy world. It also provides the audience a magical artistic backdrop for the wonderful acrobatic performance.