“New Oriental Elegance of Chinese Music” Concert

On June 5, the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra will perform at the China Cultural Center in Brussels, bringing traditional Chinese folk music to Belgium.

On the evening of June 5, the elegant sounds of traditional Chinese folk music with a contemporary temperament will fill the China Cultural Center in Brussels. The “New Oriental Elegance of Chinese Music” concert is brought to Belgium by the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, which is represented by three performing musicians. Tony YU, pipa player; CHEN Yunying, flute and xiao player; and SHA Mo, ruan player, will present pieces from the orchestra’s rich repertoire, aiming to give the audience a great artistic experience.


18:30 – Registration

19:00 – Concert

The entry is free; however due to the limited number of seats, registration is compulsory:

About the orchestra
Founded in 1952, the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra (SHCO) was China’s first big-scale modern Chinese orchestra. The SHCO is famous for its harmonious cooperation among the members of the orchestra and its excellent mastering of all kinds of works, profoundly progressing and developing over the years. Famous musicians are part of the orchestra and its repertoire is incredibly varied.

The SHCO has toured all around China and in dozens of countries in the world, often performing for visiting presidents and foreign government officials in China. After being invited to major national and international activities, such as the ASEAN Summit, the 2007 Special Olympics and the 2010 Shanghai EXPO Week, the SHCO has received outstanding praise.

Hosted by
China Cultural Center in Brussels
Shanghai Chinese Orchestra 

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