Peaceful atmosphere in the elegant study rooms in Shaoguan

Elegant study rooms are found everywhere around urban and rural areas of Shaoguan. These government-sponsored public libraries are known for their refined design and fresh style. For local people, it is the ideal place to read and study.

An artist was invited by the local government to go to Shaoguan and create some sketches of these elegant study rooms. The selected sketches below give you a glimpse of the peaceful atmosphere surrounding the elegant study rooms.

“As the bright moon shines over the sea, from far away you share this moment with me.”

This is a famous quote from Zhang Jiuling, a poet and graceful prime minister in the height of the Tang dynasty. Shaoguan, Zhang Jiuling’s hometown, has a lot of pretty elegant study rooms. These study rooms have inspired reading, from city to village, from river bank to distant mountain. Kids after school, employees after work and the elderly coming home are all reluctant to leave the study room.