Shandong Landscape & Culture Online Exhibition

In China, Shandong is renowned for its hospitality and has a profound cultural heritage, stemming from the distinct Shandong culture. The province has always been famed for its “one mountain, one water and one sage”, which signify Mount Tai, the Yellow River and Confucius, all bearing great significance to Chinese society.

Through the “Shandong Landscape & Culture Online Exhibition”, the China Cultural Center in Brussels wants to share Shandong’s scenery and culture with a Belgian and European audience.

Located on the eastern coast of China and along the lower reaches of the Yellow River, Shandong is one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization. It has a long and rich history and the province holds an abundance of World Heritage and intangible cultural heritage.

This photo exhibition shows the spirit of Shandong and its people through the natural scenery and cityscape, the history and culture, the intangible folk culture, and the cuisine with its countless delicacies. Let’s appreciate the great beauty of Shandong!

On our Youtube channel, you can also check out the video “Friendly Shandong”!