Shanghai Children’s Library puts book covers in the spotlight

The Shanghai Children’s Library (SCL) is a historic province-level children’s library in China with a large collection. It provides important resources to children and promotes children’s reading in Shanghai.

The old SCL, located on Nanjing Road, is a well-known landmark with historic fame. It has a collection of 820,000 books, including children’s literature, children’s periodicals and Chinese comics.

In 2018, the construction of the new SCL began, with the intention to build an advanced library that is adaptive, ecological and safe. This new SCL will merge culture and nature, while holding both quiet reading spaces and active spaces.

The SCL also works hard on providing children’s reading services and programs. Below are sixteen covers from books that were included in the diversified programs the library is promoting. Well-known writers and illustrators as well as new talents from different countries are featured.