Shanghai Woolen Needlepoint Tapestry exhibition

This upcoming exhibition demonstrates the exceptional art of woolen needlepoint tapestry, which portrays natural scenery, existing paintings and more in a life-like manner! Read on to learn more about a woolen needlepoint workshop the Center is organizing and how you can participate.

On July 5, a new exhibition will be on display at the China Cultural Center in Brussels, running until September 18. The subject is Shanghai woolen needlepoint tapestry, a craft that is part of China’s national intangible cultural heritage. It developed from traditional embroidery and has kept innovating.

Woolen needlepoint tapestry originated in Europe and was introduced in China at the ending of the 19th century. In the 1940s, the woolen needlepoint tapestry industry in Shanghai took off. As Western art was represented using various needle skills, Chinese family crafts made their way to the global stage.

The works on display, all crafted by modern embroidery artists from Shanghai, reveal this integration of Eastern crafts and Western arts, shrouding the exhibition in cross-cultural charm. Besides recreations of paintings by Western artists, nature is also represented. Chinese as well as European sceneries are demonstrated and cultural landmarks add another element, making this a diverse but coherent exhibition.

These exhibits come from the Shanghai Museum of Arts and Crafts, which is housed in a French renaissance building from 1905. Fitting for a museum that showcases tangible cultural heritage (fine art) as well as intangible cultural heritage (traditional arts and crafts skills), the building itself has become protected Chinese cultural heritage.

Visit the Center to marvel at Shanghai woolen needlepoint tapestry and discover several portrayals of familiar paintings and landmarks. How many will you recognize?

Woolen Needlepoint Workshop

Before the exhibition is unveiled, the Center is organizing a woolen needlepoint workshop on July 4 at 17:00, so you can learn the skills and techniques to create a woolen needlepoint work! Participation is free, but registration is mandatory, as the workshop is limited to 20 participants. Please send an email to to register.

Shanghai Woolen Needlepoint Tapestry exhibition
July 5 – September 18
Open Monday to Friday according to the opening hours of the Center, closed from August 1 until August 18.

Supported by
Shanghai Culture and Tourism Administration
Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology 

Organized by
China Cultural Center in Brussels
Shanghai International Culture Association
Shanghai Museum of Arts and Crafts

Co-organized by
Gaoqiao Woolen Needlepoint Tapestry Gallery
Shanghai Art & Design Academy
Shanghai Institute of Arts and Crafts
Shanghai Arts and Crafts Association
Shanghai Academy of Arts and Crafts
Shanghai Industrial Art Design Association

The program is subject to change. Follow our Facebook page to stay tuned!