The Beautiful Shaoguan Online Exhibition

Shaoguan is a city in northern Guangdong with great historical and cultural significance. Its stunning scenery, rich culture and impressive cityscape are a treasure we are sharing with you today in this online exhibition. With these pictures we hope to offer you a taste of the beautiful Shaoguan.

A Brief Introduction of Shaoguan

Shaoguan is located in the center of northern Guangdong, at the Beijiang River confluence where the Wujiang River joins the Zhengjiang River.

With a history of over 2,100 years, Shaoguan is a city of cultural and historical significance, with an abundance of natural resources. Fengcai Tower, Shaoyang Pagoda and Centenary East Street in the downtown area witness the ups and downs of the city’s development.

Due to its strategic position on the Maritime Silk Road, different cultures meet and exchange in Shaoguan. Its unique position sets the stage for its vital culture characterized as open, inclusive and friendly.

The Danxia landform is named after Mount Danxia, a landmark thirty kilometers north of downtown Shaoguan. It is one of the natural sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List and a member of the Global Geopark Network.

Shaoguan boasts the world’s best-preserved oasis of its latitude, the largest area of primary forests, the highest mountain, the most beautiful valley and the richest hot spring resources in Guangdong.

Shao music brings peace and harmony. Legendarily, when Emperor Shun toured the southern part of the country, he played Dashao in Mountain Shao. The music rendered the rebels speechless and deeply moved, so they dropped their weapons and peace returned to the land.

Great men have grown up in Shaoguan. ZHANG Jiuling, for instance, was a Shaoguan-born Grand Chancellor in the Tang Dynasty. His poem “as the bright moon shines over the sea from far away, you share this moment with me” has been appreciated throughout the centuries.

Shaoguan is starting a new chapter of harmony between humans and nature. With the times, its culture is constantly being enriched.