“The Peony Pavilion” Kunqu Opera Performance

The esteemed Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe will perform at the Center on November 12.

On November 12, the China Cultural Center in Brussels will have the honor of welcoming the Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe for a performance of the tragicomedy play “The Peony Pavilion”, a Chinese classic.

The story focuses on the romance between DU Liniang and LIU Mengmei, which is brought to life by the talented performers of the Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe. Among the actors are Ms. YU Bin, Mr. WEI Li and Ms. TAO Siyu. The piece is wonderfully accompanied by percussion and flute music, resulting in a rich artistic experience for the audience.

19:00 – Registration
19:30 – Performance

The entry is free; however due to the limited number of seats, registration is compulsory:

About the Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe
The Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe, established in 1978, is a professional art performance group with the mission to preserve and pass down the art of Kunqu Opera. Devoted to both inheriting tradition and creating new productions, the troupe has revived and performed many Kunqu Opera plays.

Thanks to its strong line-up of first-class performers of all role types, the Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe has won multiple awards. In its artistic pursuit, the troupe introduces its excellent productions and performances around the country and abroad, gaining recognition on a global scale.

Hosted by
China Cultural Center in Brussels 

Presented by
Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe

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