2016 Hanyu Qiao – “Chinese Bridge” Competition

On Saturday March 19, the language and cultural Hanyu Qiao or Chinese Bridge Competition was held at the China Cultural Center in Brussels. The annual and international contest is designed to stimulate students’ interest for China, as well as to strengthen their knowledge of Mandarin and Chinese culture.

The Chinese Bridge Competition has become a well-known activity in the cultural exchange environments. Held once every year, it aims to stimulate the students’ enthusiasm and interest in learning more about China, its language and culture.

Organised by the Chinese Embassy in Belgium and the broadcast Yellow Vitamines, the Chinese Bridge Competition was hosted by the China Cultural Center on Saturday. It was the 9th edition for secondary school students and the 15th edition for university students. Mrs Yang from Yellow Vitamines presented the event in the presence of the participants, members of the jury and over a hundred people.

From 9 in the morning, participants were present in large number in the lobby and the conference room where they repeated, together or individually, the content of their speeches and presentations. The winners in the national competition in Belgium, Jacqueline ROSSI and Nicolas PAU, will soon participate in the international finals in China.

Members of the Jury
– ZHENQUAN Yan, director of the China Cultural Centre in Brussels
– ZHANG Sirui, director of the Confucius Institute in Brussels
– ZHANG Yingzi, singer
– ZHAO Qiong, artist graduated from the Académie Royale des Beaux-arts of Brussels
– TAO Hongjian, counsellor of the Education Department at the Chinese Embassy in Belgium
– VANHAELEMEERSCH Philip, director of the Confucius Institute in Bruges
– PARON Françoise, former Chinese teacher at UCL
– CLAESEN Luc, professor at the Faculty of Engineering Science, Hasselt University

Secondary school students’ competition – Winner: Jacqueline ROSSI
Break  & Tea tasting
University students’ competition – Winner: Nicolas PAU
Awards ceremony
Reception (Chinese buffet)