A Taste of China: Chinese New Year Gourmet Workshop

The Spring Festival is the most important traditional holiday in China. It features spectacular festive activities and elaborate food. Let’s take a closer look at the celebration of the Chinese New Year through a culinary lens.

“A Taste of China”, a special gourmet workshop for the Chinese New Year, tracks the origins of the Beijing, Huaiyang, Sichuan and Cantonese cuisine, showcasing popular Spring Festival foods in different parts of China. It also explores the natural scenery, historical legacies, cultural stories and Spring Festival traditions behind them. The “superb cooking techniques, elegant taste, attractive appearance and pursuit of harmony with nature” of Chinese food culture are displayed while the unique cultural connotations of the Spring Festival comes into the limelight.

From February 9 (3:00 UTC+1), different New Year’s Eve dinners of the four major cuisines are demonstrated in online classes. Together with interactive experiences, we encourage you to try and cook one of these special family reunion dishes yourself. This way, the online experience can continue offline!