Beautiful China

To make this weekend more pleasant, the China Cultural Center in Brussels is sharing three videos about lovely China.

The first is “Colorful China”. It shows us colorful landscapes and natural wonders from all over the country, from the red rocks in the Gobi desert to the white snow on the Himalaya mountaintops.

The second one, “Mom’s Special Pickles”, demonstrates the emotional value of certain foods. In Yuexi County, Anhui Province, households in remote mountain areas maintain a more traditional way of life. Families pickle their own vegetables to preserve them. Homemade pickles will always remind the people of Yuexi of home.

The third video is an excerpt of the China National Center for the Performing Arts Orchestra playing Bach’s Suite No. 2 in B Minor. Sit back and let the wonderful music soothe your ears. We wish you a lovely weekend!