Dumplings, a bite of love

Chinese food culture is an important part of the country’s rich and colorful culture. And when Chinese cuisine is mentioned, one can’t help but think of delicious dumplings. They are one of the most distinctive dishes of traditional cuisine in China. Where there are Chinese people living in the world, there are dumplings to be found.

Dumplings have permeated culture in many ways. They have become traditional customs during festivals, like eating dumplings to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and they are part of folk sayings, such as “the taste of dumplings is the taste of home”.

Of course, depending on the region, dumplings will vary, but generally they are characterized by thin skin and tender filling, a unique shape and most importantly, a delicious taste.

Today’s dumpling photo series is a tribute to these mouthwatering bites of love, enjoy!